The UN says the Pygmies future is bleak. Pygmy representatives have asked the United Nations to set up a court to try government and rebel fighters from the Democratic Republic of Congo for acts of cannibalism against their people.


Pygmies deserve Hollywood Treatment. A movie about the world’s forgotten people.

South American Union

The union of South America. Where the brave live forever.

Ej, djeco mila, vite grane moje
poslusajte sto vam govorim
ej, ko ne ljubi i necuva svoje
Bozjeg lica nece vidjeti

hey my children..
listen to me
If you don’t kiss and care for your own.
You will never see God’s face.

rex tremendae
dona eis requiem
et lux perpetua


California Pink

In elections in the United States, political drafts are used to encourage or pressure a certain person to enter a political race, by demonstrating a significant groundswell of support for the candidate.

The Vatican wants Pink to be Governor of California. What Calfornia is today the world will be Tommorow

“America First”, a slogan used by President Woodrow Wilson during the United States presidential election, 1916 and by President Donald Trump during his inauguration 2017.